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Transfer and Non-Residential Students

General Information

Transfer and non-residential students are eligible to sign up for the housing wait list, but are not guaranteed a space on campus.  Spaces are offered as they become available and we are not able to predict if and when a particular student will receive an offer.

Any housing offer extended will be in a double room.  Those interested in a single room would need to sign up for the singles wait list.  While students can sign up for the singles wait list at any time, offers made off of this list are first done to those who have a room on campus already.

The only possibility of  being offered a single room directly off the wait list is if we have offered to all the students on the singles wait list first.  However, this circumstance is extremely rare.

For more information, please go to the singles wait list page.

How To Apply:

If you are a current student at the college but do not live on campus, you can apply to live on campus at any time.  If you are a transfer student, you generally are able to apply in May for the fall semester and December for the spring .  Transfer students should refer to the next section on how their information reaches us that allows them to apply.

To sign up for the housing wait list:

  1. Log into the My Housing system using your TCNJ user name and password.  If you do not know your user name and password, you can look it up on TCNJ’s account management website.  If you have issues accessing My Housing through the link above, try the direct web address by either clicking on it directly or copy and paste into your address bar.
  2. Click on the link marked “Application,” located above your Profile Summary.
  3. Select the appropriate academic year.
  4. Go through all the available steps, including the Wait List confirmation page.   There will be nothing else to do at this point as the rest of the steps will not show until you have been offered and accepted a space.

If you are having difficulty signing into My Housing and you are receiving the error message “Your details cannot be found,” please check if:

  • you are using the correct user name and password
  • (transfers only) you have sent in your admissions deposit and allowed enough time for Residential Education and Housing to receive your student information

For questions about our housing wait list, please visit our housing wait list frequently asked questions page.

For Transfer Students:

In order for a transfer student to apply for housing, you must first send in an admissions deposit to TCNJ Admissions.  Once TCNJ processes your admissions deposit, it may take 3-5 business days before your student information is created and forwarded on to Residential Education and Housing.  As soon as Residential Education and Housing receives your student information, you are eligible to log into My Housing and complete your housing wait list application by following the steps located above.  For students who have been accepted and deposited before May, Admissions will process all the students at once so it is typical that you will not be able to apply until around the middle of May.

Transfer students who are classified as a sophomore by our department but have an Associate’s Degree, or believe they are of junior status academically, may request to be placed on the upperclass wait list.  Requests should be given in writing to, include the student name and PAWS ID, and be accompanied by a copy (unofficial or official) of the student’s transcript.  Please note that there are often more upperclass students on the wait list, so making this request could decrease your chances of receiving housing before the start of the semester.

Housing Offers:

In order for our office to make any housing offers, vacancies need to be available.  As such, the majority of spaces for the fall are available in July and for the spring, mid-December.  However, since it is possible offers can be made before these dates , students should check their TCNJ email daily once they have signed up for the wait list.  

Please be patient with our office during these peak times, as we typically receive a large number of phone calls and emails.  If you have a question about how the wait list is ordered, your chances of receiving housing, and our stance on special circumstances, please read our housing wait list and frequently asked questions.  As soon as vacancies arise, we offer them out to the wait list and, we do continue to offer spaces as the semester progresses and vacancies are available.