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This page is designed to provide students, parents, and external clients with information on which areas to address concerns or questions.

Room Changes
Housing or Meal Plan Billing
Housing Contract Release
Meal Plans and Changes
Facilities and Maintenance
Housekeeping / Pest Control
Housing Wait List / Singles Wait List
Report a Broken Washer or Drier
Residence Hall FAQ

If your question has not been answered, feel free to drop us an email or give us a phone call at the contact information on the right.

Room Changes

Questions about room changes should be directed to your community adviser or Residence Director.  Students wishing to participate in a room change outside of room change day can visit the room change page for additional information about the process.

Wolfe Hall – Marvin Carter, 609-637-2301
Travers Hall – Nailah Brown, 609-637-2301
ABE, Centennial, and Norsworthy Halls – Gwen Auckloo, 609-771-2301
Decker and Cromwell – Tricia Torley, 609-771-2301
Eickhoff Hall and New Residence – Christine Ridge, 609-771-2301
Townhouse East, West, and South – Courtney Berry, 609-637-2301
Apartments or  College Houses – Curtis Chan, 609-771-2301


Facilities and Maintenance Concerns

Facilities and maintenance concerns are handled by our Department of Facilities.  Work orders can be submitted via the online work order system, or called in at 609-771-2353.


Housekeeping / Pest Control

TCNJ’s Office of Building Services handles building cleanliness and pest control.  To report a concern, request service, or view the office’s hours of operation, please visit their website or contact 609-771-2353.


Meal Plans and Changes

For questions about meal plans, dining hall locations and times, please visit the TCNJ Dining website.  Current academic year meal plan costs are posted on our room and board rate page.  For more detailed information, please contact 609-771-2301.

Students interested in changing their meal plan can either email us at or contact Residential Education and Housing at 609-771-2301.  Please be aware that meal plan changes can only be completed during certain periods, and that meal plan change requests must come from the student.  For additional information about the meal plan change process, please visit the meal plan change page.



Room and Board charges are generated by Residential Education and Housing and applied to the student’s account on PAWS twice a year.  Fall semester bills are posted in July and Spring semester bills are posted in November.  For students added or removed from housing, bills are normally posted by the end of the week.  For information on room and board costs, please visit our room and board rate page or the Office of Student Accounts’ billing calendar.  In addition, questions can be directed to or 609-771-2301.


Housing Wait Lists

For students who are currently not in housing, please refer to the Housing Wait List FAQ.  This page includes detailed information about how to sign up for the wait list, how wait list placements are made, and more.  To check your position on the housing wait list, please email and we will respond as soon as we are able.  Please include your name and student ID in your email.

Students in double rooms who wish to be placed on the singles wait list can refer to the Singles Wait List page.  To check your position on the singles wait list, please email and we will respond as soon as we are able.  Please include your name and student ID in your email.


Housing Contract Releases

For information on the Request for Termination of Housing process, please visit the Request for Termination of Housing page.  Students requesting a contract release for reasons other than withdrawal or leave of absence, study abroad, or academic/conduct dismissals, will have to contact Housing at 609-771-2301 to set up a Contract Release appointment.  Additional information about this intake meeting is listed on the Request for Termination of Housing page under the section marked Contract Release.


Report a Broken Washer or Dryer

To report an issue in a residence hall laundry room, please contact Residential Education and Housing at 609-771-2301 or or fill out an online report.  To report a problem, please indicate the machine type, machine position or number, location, and a description of the issue.  Once we receive notification, we will contact our laundry vendor and they will dispatch maintenance staff to repair the machine.