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Housing Wait List

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the housing wait list and placement process:

How do I place myself onto the wait list?
Click on the My Housing link and log in using your TCNJ username and password.  If you do not know your user name and password, you can look it up on TCNJ’s account management website.

What if I cannot log in to My Housing?
If you are having difficulty signing into My Housing and you are receiving the error message “Your details cannot be found,” please check if:

  • you are using the correct user name and password
  • (transfers only) you have sent in your admissions deposit and allowed enough time for Residential Education and Housing to receive your student information.  Please note that transfers coming in for the fall semester cannot generally access the housing application until late April/early May.

If TCNJ just processed your admissions deposit, Residential Education and Housing may not have received your student information yet.  Please try again in a day or two.  If you are still unable to log in, please contact us at 609-771-2301 or at

How is the wait list ordered?
The wait list is not first come first serve, although submitting your application early cannot hurt your chances.  The wait list takes several factors into consideration, including gender, class year, cohort (sophomore, junior, etc.), and commutable distance (in miles) from the campus.

If I am assigned a space, where will it be?
At TCNJ, we house students by class cohort.  First year students live in our First Year Experience area, sophomores live in the Sophomore Year Experience area and juniors and seniors live in the Upper Class Experience area.   Your housing classification (first year, sophomore, junior or senior) will appear in the top right corner after you first log onto My Housing.

Students should check their TCNJ e-mail regularly as that is where we will send communication of being assigned a space.

If you have questions about your housing classification, please contact Residential Education and Housing at 609-771-2301 or  For information on the residential areas, visit our residential facilities page.

What are my chances of getting placed off the wait list into housing?
While this question is the most frequently asked, it is also the hardest to answer.  Vacancies arise when students who have housing leave The College.  Residential Education and Housing receives constant updates from various campus departments such as Admissions, Records and Registration, The Center for Global Engagement, Student Affairs, etc.  As soon as we receive confirmed notification a student is no longer attending The College, we assign that space to the next eligible person on the wait list.  Unfortunately, we are unable to predict when vacancies may arise, and therefore we are unable to offer you any information other than where you are located on the wait list.

Can my position on the wait list change?
Yes, since the wait list is not first come first serve, your spot on the list may vary.  If a number of people with further commutable distances with your class year and gender apply for housing after you, your spot on the list may move down.  Similarly, your spot on the list may move up as we make offers and remove people who are no longer interested.

What if I have a special circumstance?
Our department receives many inquiries from students and parents who request an immediate or prioritized placement into campus housing because of various circumstances.  Unfortunately, we cannot take factors such as GPA, conduct history, involvement in campus activities,  lack of a car, or strong desire into consideration when making placements.  We understand that every person on our wait list needs on campus housing for their own reasons.  Our goal is to process the wait list as objectively and fairly as possible, without creating a process whereby the housing staff determines who is more deserving of campus housing based on personal circumstances.  While we certainly recognize that being on a wait list can cause anxiety and, at times, even frustration,we firmly believe that an objective and transparent placement process is in the best interests of the entire student body.


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