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Fall 2020 Move In

Fall 2020 Move-In Plan


In an effort to ensure physical distancing and to be in compliance with Executive order 155, specifically the below items referenced by the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education on June 18, 2020 in the “Restart Plan for All New Jersey Colleges and Universities,” and to provide a safe and comfortable environment for students, their families and Residential Education staff, move-in for the Fall 2020 will be scheduled over the course of 3 days.  


Students will be able to sign-up for a 2-hour time slot to move-in starting August 21 through August 23.  Students who cannot make it on one of these days may move-in on August 24th as well, but are not required to sign-up for a timeslot.  


Move-In Schedule by Day

There will be 4 timeslots per day available for students to sign-up: 

Time Slot 1: 9am to 11:00am

Time Slot 2: 11am to 1:00pm

Time Slot 3: 1pm to 3:00pm

Time Slot 4: 3pm to 5pm


Check-In Locations

Check-in will take place in the main first floor lounge of Hausdoerffer Hall.  Students are directed to park in lot 6 to unload their vehicle, however, we ask that they move their car to the parking garage (Lot 7) after they are done unloading their vehicles.  There is no parking permitted on the roadway in front of Hausdoerffer and Phelps. 


Student Expectations and Guidelines

  • Students must read and follow All Directional Signage
  • No More than 2 helpers per student 
  • There will be no carts available
  • Please following Physical Distancing expectations of 6 feet between groups
  • Lock-out Reminder/Expectations – if a resident locks themselves out, staff will ask them to wait 6 feet from their room door while staff respond to unlock the door
  • No more than one family Per Elevator 
  • Key will only be issued to the student therefore they are the only ones permitted in the check-in location
  • No tailgating into the building
  • Please plan accordingly and limit amount of stuff you bring here are some suggested items – what to bring
  • Masks are required at all times inside all buildings unless students are in their assigned room with the door closed.
  • Remember the Roscoe pledge reference
  • Residents must adhere to their scheduled timeslot to ensure the safety of themselves and the rest of the community.  We need to ensure minimal traffic coming into the building during move-in, so once you have completed unloading your items, we ask that you limit your movement in and out of the building during the move-in time period


Check-In Process

  1. Students will report to their designated check-in location – guests and families should wait in the car or may begin unloading belongings to bring to the student room.  Only students are permitted in the check-in area
  2. Students will be issued their room key as well as their Student ID if they are a new student.  Prior to their arrival, student IDs will have their building security sticker attached to their ID card and their PPE materials will be left in their room
  3. At check-in, students will verbally acknowledge their responsibility for their room key (no signature or key card will be utilized) and will receive their Room Condition Report, Mailbox assignment/combination via email
  4. After receiving their room key, students will be permitted to move their belongings into their room, abiding by all directional signage and previously stated expectations.
  5. Residential Education staff will announce floor meetings and other information to students via signage on the floor


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I cannot find a timeslot that works for me?
    • Please contact us at
  • What if me or my helper are immunocompromised or need special assistance?
    • Please contact us at
  • I missed my timeslot – can I sign-up for another one?
  • I didn’t submit my ID photo in time – how do I get an ID?
    • Information will be provide from Card Services regarding obtaining your ID card