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Singles Wait List

The wait list is available for current residents who are interested in moving to a single room. Below are our guidelines:

  • The list is first-come, first-serve to eligible students that must currently have a room on campus.
  • Offers cannot be made until single rooms become available.  Therefore it is not possible to let students know exactly when we may begin offering but we generally begin before the end of the current Spring semester.  Offers then come out on a rolling basis throughout the summer, during the Fall semster, between Fall and Spring and finally during the next Spring semester as spaces become available.
  • The wait list stays in tact through the entire academic year so it is possible you could be offered a space during a semester if a single room is vacated.
  • All offers for the singles wait list are sent to your TCNJ e-mail address and students are given anywhere from 24-48 hours to respond.  If we do not receive a response to the offer, we will then move on to the next student on the list.
  • Single rooms are only offered within the student’s cohort.  Sophomores will be offered a space where other sophomores live and the same for juniors and seniors.
  • There is no guarantee in terms of what building the single space you are offered will be.
  • Because spaces are offered first come first served we can not guarantee a student in a double in one of the apartments may be able to fill a vacated single in their same apartment.  If there are enough spaces or you are the next person on teh singles wait list for that space we will try to consolidate when available.
  • If you are offered a single room and decline you will forfeit your space on the wait list and have to sign up again to be placed back on.