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Cable TV

Cable television service is provided to every residential student. Service is provided in three formats: 1) direct access through coax cable jack in each residential room for every residential room 2) Residence Hall lounges for general community use television viewing 3) Mobile (smartphone, tablet, computer) through the use of Stream2. See below the channels provided by the Department Residential Education through Campus Televideo.
All non-TCNJ channels are provided in a ‘QAM’ digital format therefore all televisions on campus must contain a QAM digital tuner to receive the channels. Older analog televisions are no longer compatible with the College’s Cable TV system. Most televisions today are digital/QAM compliant, however less expensive or budget televisions may not be compatible. To find out if your television has a QAM tuner, check the specifications in your owner’s manual, or visit the manufacturer’s website.
What is a QAM tuner and how do I know if my TV has one?
A QAM tuner allows your TV to tune to digital or HD channels. Most, but not all, TV’s that were made after 2006 have a QAM tuner built in.
• You can search online by make/model of your TV or reference your TV’s owner’s manual for specific model information related to what type of tuner is present in your TV.
• An example of what the manual may say if the TV has a QAM tuner:
• “Built in digital tuner (ATSC/Clear QAM)”, or “NTSC/QAM“
• Additionally, if your TV remote has the (.) or (-) symbol button for easy tuning or is able to display channels such as 5.2 or 5-2, your TV likely has a QAM tuner.
• An example of what the manual may say if the TV does NOT have a QAM tuner:
       • “ATSC / NTSC Tuner” (there will be no mention of QAM)
Model dependent, some televisions may not contain a QAM tuner such as:
  • Apex
  • Dynex
  • Element
  • Haier
  • Seiki
  • Sylvania
If you are choosing one of these brands, please verify that the model has a QAM tuner. Please be advised that less expensive TVs sometimes come with a lower quality QAM tuner that may be unable to tune all of the channels. We have found this to be true on certain models of bargain brands such as Apex, Dynex, and Sylvania.
Cable TV Channel Lineup:
2.1     TCNJ Channel
2.2     TCNJ Channel
3.1     KYW HD
6.1     WPVI HD
10.1    WCAU HD
12.1    WHYY HD
17.1    WPHL HD
29.1    WTXF HD
31.1    CNN HD
31.2    HLN HD
32.1    Fox News Channel HD
32.2    MSNBC HD
33.1    CNBC HD
33.2    Bloomberg Television HD
34.1    NASA TV
34.2    CSPAN1
35.1    ESPN HD
35.2    ESPN2 HD
36.1    ESPNU HD
36.2    ESPNews HD
37.1    NFL Network HD
37.2    MLB Network HD
38.1    NBC Sports Network HD
38.2    NHL Network HD
39.1    Velocity HD
39.2    Golf Channel HD
40.1    TNT HD
40.2    TBS HD
41.1    USA Network HD
41.2    A&E HD
42.1    FX HD
42.2    TruTV HD
43.1    Spike TV HD
43.2    BET HD
44.1    Comedy Central HD
44.2    E! Entertainment HD
45.1    Cartoon Network HD
45.2    Animal Planet HD
46.1    Food Network HD
46.2    Cooking Channel HD
47.1    HGTV HD
47.2    Bravo HD
48.1    TV Land
48.2    ION Television (East)
49.1    Oxygen
49.2    OWN HD
50.1    WE tv HD
50.2    Lifetime HD
51.1    Syfy Channel HD
51.2    Freeform HD
52.1    Hallmark Channel HD
52.2    MTV HD
53.1    MTV2
53.2    VH1 HD
54.1    CMT HD
54.2    Fuse HD
55.1    The Weather Channel HD
55.2    BBC America HD
56.1    Travel Channel HD
56.2    TLC HD
57.1    WPSG HD
58.1    National Geographic HD
58.2    Discovery Channel HD
59.1    History Channel HD
59.2    IFC HD
60.1    ReelzChannel
60.2    AMC HD
65.1    WUVP HD
70.1    HBO (East) HD
70.2    HBO Comedy HD
71.1    HBO Latino HD
71.2    Cinemax (East) HD



Students can also access TV through a mobile service Stream2.  Stream2 allows on-campus residents to watch live TV and record their favorite shows on their laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and TV sets. Watch by yourself, record content to binge-watch after finals or bring your residence hall together to watch shows as a community. Whatever TV experience you’re looking for, Stream2 is here to deliver it. It’s time to get excited about Stream2! Go to to start watching TV.  For more information on Stream2 visit our Stream2 Quick Facts page.

Smart Home\Streaming\Gaming Systems

For information on how to connect smart home products, streaming devices and gaming systems to the wireless network visit this site from Network and Technical Services.


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