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Room Changes

Sharing a room with someone else is a new experience for most students.   Students generally believe they need to be best friends with their roommate when in fact, being good acquaintances that can live effectively with one another is more attainable.  Practicing open communication and respecting each other are the two most important items to keep in mind to have a successful roommate relationship.

Although we hope that all living situations are successful ones, Residential Education and Housing realizes that at times, a change of rooms may be necessary.  Our department and staff will work with all residents on any type of room change request.  Please review below our room change guidelines.

In most instances, all room change requests are processed each Wednesday with students changing rooms the following weekend.  Students will always be e-mailed with instructions on how to complete moving rooms.

Room Change Freeze

During the first two weeks of each semester, there is a freeze on all room changes as this allows our office to take an inventory of who has arrived and where any vacancies may be.

Room Availability

Please note that our ability to change anyone’s room is dependent upon spaces being available in the appropriate location. First-year students, sophomores, and juniors/seniors are only allowed to move within buildings/areas designated for their respective co-hort.  In addition, first year students are only allowed to move within their floor for the fall semester because of their FSP.

Room Swaps/Vacancies

If a student would like to live with someone specific and believe they have a vacancy, they can contact us at any time to confirm the vacancy and discuss the details of moving.  Similarly, if students would like to swap spaces with each other and respective roommates agree, students can come to our office to fill out a Room Change Form.  Please note that there does not need to be any roommate approval if students are swapping single room spaces.

Shared Living Agreement

For most of our residents, living on campus with a roommate will be the first time they have ever had to share a room.  Open and honest communication between roommates is one of the best steps that will lead to a successful living situation.  To aid in these conversation, our office offers a document called a Shared Living Space Agreement where residents of a room can discuss and agree to expectations when it comes to studying, socializing, music, cleanliness, studying, and so on. This agreement then allows for all occupants of a room to be aware and respectful of each other’s personal values when living with someone else.

Roommate Conflicts

A student who feels they are incompatible with their roommate (after moving in and living with them) should first reach out to their Community Advisor (CA) to discuss the situation.  If the CA is unable to help come to a resolution, the student can then be referred to their Residence Director (RD).  When meeting with any of our staff members, a student will be offered advice on how to improve the living situation, including any mediation resources.

If a professional staff member of the department (Residence Director or Assistant Director) determines that the situation is still unresolvable, the student looking for a change will be presented with options for moving, including a list of vacancies.  The student can decided whether to be automatically assigned a new space or have the opportunity to meet the residents who have the vacancy to determine fit and comfortability.  The process to then physically change rooms will be discussed between the student and the RD/AD.

Fall to Spring

A number of vacancies will become available for the spring semester due to students going abroad, graduating, taking a leave of absence, etc.  Fall semester residents are typically aware of the vacancy in their room and will coordinate with a friend to live with them for the spring.

Residential Education and Housing will make every effort to honor these requests and the first step is for the student looking to move to contact us to place the request.  If the request is approved, the student will need to move out of their fall assignment completely and will move into their new space at the start of the spring semester.