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Gender Inclusive Housing for First Year Students

Residential Education & Housing is committed to being able to provide an accommodating and welcoming environment for all students, regardless of gender identity/expression. In accordance with this commitment, we are excited to offer interested first-year students the ability to live in gender inclusive housing (GIH).

Provided there is enough interest, an entire floor of a first year residence hall will be designated as GIH.  Students will be housed in double rooms (with students of any gender identity or assigned sex) and will have access to gender neutral communal bathrooms (where students of any sex or gender identity/expression may use that bathroom).

Students 18 years of age and older are permitted to make independent housing decisions at The College of New Jersey.  However, we recommend that all students interested in GIH discuss this housing option with their families.  Students under 18 at the time of move in will be required to obtain parental consent.

Through the creation of GIH, we hope to make TCNJ a more welcoming place for all students while encouraging participating students to consider such topics as identity, personal development and social presentation. It is our goal to use GIH as a way to bring together TCNJ’s diverse community and promote growth among the many who call TCNJ home.