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Umoja (MHC)

Apply Now for 2022-2023

First Year Cohort: Click here to apply Sophomore Cohort: Click here to apply

Application Deadline for 2023-2024: to be determined

Umoja is living learning community with two cohorts. The FYE cohort is located in Cromwell and the SYE cohort is located in Decker Hall. The purpose of Umoja is to provide a meaningful living experience for BIPOC (Black Indigenous Persons of Color) students at a predominantly white institution.

Terms to know
PWI: Predominantly White Institution
BIPOC Black Indigenous People of Color
Black, Indigenous, and People of Color: Anyone who does not identify solely as white A person of African or Caribbean descent A member of the First Peoples (original residents) of a continent Broad descriptor for that includes people from India, East Asia, Mexico, Hawaii, Pacific Islands, Philippines

Residents will explore values, and share knowledge and experiences. This is not a place to silo students of color. Rather a place for residents to engage in conversations centered around race, culture, social justice, and anti-racism. The intentional programming of this community supports residents through mentorship and identity development. The conversations amongst residents of lived experiences are aimed to cultivate community building and support.


  • Events
  • BIPOC Inspired Trip
  • Mentorship
  • Monthly Hangouts
  • Committee Opportunities

“Being a part of the multicultural community was everything I expected and more. The openness, communication, laughter, and enthusiasm everyone had to each other made the year memorable. The community was open to bonding and acceptance, no matter race or gender. It truly was a home away from home. Best decision I ever made in the past year.” -Dare Odukomaiya ’21-’22 Cohort