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How to Apply

Curious what the application process may look like? Follow this tutorial to complete your application!

  1. Log into MyHousing using your TCNJ credentials

  2. Select Housing Application to navigate to the application for on-campus housing.Landing page once logged into MyHousing; Housing Application is highlighted to indicate the appropriate selection to apply for on-campus housing.

  3. Select the appropriate Academic Year to begin your application.2024-2025 is highlighted to indicate the appropriate selection to apply for on-campus housing for 2024-2025.

  4. Navigate the application by clicking the Continue blue button at the bottom. Some sections are informational or for verification purposes, other sections require your input to consider it complete.A sample image of a page within the Housing Application. The captured image of the personal profiles page indicates questions that help determine roommate compatibility; for each question, there's a dropdown that student's can select from.Don’t forget to click Save & Continue to save your information and place in the application.
  5. Your application is considered complete when you sign the contract. You are encouraged to review the contract before signing it; once you sign the contract, you are liable to the outlined policies and procedures.The Housing Contract page within the application provides a full pdf of the contract and an area for students to sign. You can sign the contract by inputting your PAWS ID. If students forgo this step, the application is incomplete.

  6. You can verify your application is complete by clicking through the pages to reach Housing Application Complete. The confirmation page once the application is complete states "Housing Application Complete." The page offers information on creating roommate groups, timeslot distribution on February 14, and room selection from February 26 and 27.

Apply before the Housing Application deadline and you’re all set! Residential Education and Housing will send follow-up communications in regards to timeslots, gender breakdowns, and selection.


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