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Provisional Students

General Information

First year students who have been classified as provisional are done so by the Office of Admissions.  Since provisional students are non-matriculating, this means they are ineligible to live on campus during the fall semester.  Provided a provisional student meets the guidelines set forth by Admissions, they may be eligible to live on campus for the spring semester.

How To Apply

Residential Education and Housing will send an e-mail to all provisional students in late November that includes instructions on submitting an application to live on campus.  An application must be submitted if a student is interested in living on campus as without one, we will not know a student is requesting housing.

Availability of Housing

Provisional students are not guaranteed housing as our ability to assign a room is dependent solely on the availability of spaces.  Since the availability of spaces can change, we are not able to give an exact time frame of when a student would have confirmation of a space.  However, our goal is to have a space for provisional students by December 20.