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Upper Class Experience

Housing options available to upper class students are as follows:

  • College Houses
  • Hausdoerffer and Phelps Halls
  • Townhouses East, South, & West

College Houses

The College Houses, although physically located off-campus, are still considered on-campus housing for residential students.  There are 9 houses in total, with 3 of them located on Carlton Avenue and the other 6 located on Pennington Road.  The College Houses are maintained by the Trenton State College Corporation .

For the 2015-2016 academic year, only Pennington 1904, 1907 and Carlton 46 and 60 will be available for students during room selection.

Hausdoerffer and Phelps Halls

Phelps Hall and Hausdoerffer Hall, opened in 2009, are the first apartment complexes on our campus. Twin buildings, each building has 40 air-conditioned apartments housing approximately 200 students. The units are mostly 5 bedroom (3 singles and 1 double), partial kitchen, living room, bathroom, and an extra vanity sink.

Other features of these apartments include a large community lounge as well as a study lounge in the laundry room, equipped with cable television.

The units have a semi-private courtyard and share a grassy park.

Townhouses East, South, & West

All three townhouses feature units that house 10 students, all with single bedrooms. Each townhouse is air-conditioned and has a main living room. There is a bathroom, shower, full refrigerator, microwave, on all three floors with a common area sink.

On the first floor of each townhouse there is a furnished house lounge, including a table, chairs, sofa and love seat.

Laundry facilities, hall offices and main lounges (with a full kitchen) are available in the complex as well.