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La Casa Hispánica

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La Casa Hispánica is a living/learning community that engages students who have as their goal studying abroad in Hispanic countries, a variety of leadership and learning opportunities.  The activities of La Casa Hispánica will help these students appreciate Hispanic cultures and their broad diversity, and practice and improve their Spanish conversational skills. As a community the students will be expected to support landmark activities such as Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as intercultural and international events on campus.  Students will serve as key players in TCNJ’s efforts to prepare students to become global citizens in the 21st century.


In order to achieve these goals, the following are the expectations for students living in this living/learning community.  Minimal passing requirements will be established as a group at the beginning of each academic year:

1. Culture Nights

Culture Nights will be coordinated between the CA and the students living in La Casa Hispánica. The goal is to provide a variety of activities such as movie night, game night, lecture night, in order to enhance the participation and Spanish oral proficiency of the participants.

2. Community Service Project

All students are required to participate in at least one community service project each semester to help him/her understand his/her role in social change.  This project has to relate to the Latino community in the area.



Through your active participation in La Casa Hispánica living and learning community, you will achieve the following:

Academic content:

  • Be able to define culture and intercultural communication, especially within the wide variety of experiences we call ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Latino’, and how to identify these concepts in a given society.
  • Be familiar with Hispanic cultures, identity theories, and intercultural communication.
  • Learn about Hispanic cultures, including popular Hispanic cultures, and engage in discussions via readings of theoretical content, films, TV shows (including telenovelas), music, preparation of food, etc.

Community development goals:

  • Engage in conversations regarding day-to-day living in a Hispanic setting.
  • Explore how to reach out to the TCNJ community and create an event related to Hispanic cultures and global awareness.
  • Develop your knowledge of an experience with social change by volunteering in a community service project that involves the Latino communities in our area.
  • Develop skills in working in teams which will allow you to become more culturally sensitive and competent having always present that the terms ‘Hispanic’ and ‘Latino’ are always slippery and do not represent any specific race, ethnicity, color, or religion.  ‘Hispanic/Latino’ is a cultural term, not a racial one.
  • Increase your knowledge and exposure to the diversity of Hispanic cultures by analyzing similarities and differences.