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Social Justice House

The Social Justice House will be a community of unique and multi-faceted students from a variety of backgrounds, united into a singular voice of social activism and equality. The Social Justice House will offer students a living experience revolved around challenging their thinking, beliefs and leadership abilities. The House will seek to grapple with present day issues while providing students a safe, supportive living environment designed to help them grow and further their ambition. Students will work to initiate conversations and activism around social justice issues.

The Social Justice House will establish and further a voice for social and civil justice on campus and allow students to further their leadership abilities through a transformative living experience. The house will ultimately attempt to push the College’s mission of being “an institution comprised of a diverse community of learners, dedicated to free inquiry and open exchange” to a new level.

House requirements:

  • Participation in a beginning of the semester retreat to develop a sense of trust and community amongst participants
  • Shared reading experience
  • Active participation in monthly programming, including discussions, lectures, service projects and other educational and/or advocacy opportunities
  • Field trip (TBD) to a social justice related site


Residents joining the Social Justice House will:

  • Through discussions and programmatic efforts be able to articulate their identities and how these are impacted by systematic privilege and oppression.
  • Through engagement with faculty, explore issues of social justice and interventions that can address oppression.
  • Through self-reflection and collaboration with members of the community, increase their capacity to engage in social change leadership.
  • Through community development, learn to engage in civil discourse and facilitation techniques to explore challenging subject matters.


Criteria for Admission:

The Social Justice House welcomes all students who:

  1. Have an interest in pursuing social justice and civil rights programing at TCNJ.
  2. Are interested in living in a conducive environment centered around talking about current social issues in our society and TCNJ community.
  3. Have an interest to meet and get to know other students committed to social justice, civil rights and to integrate them in the campus and surrounding community.
  4. Have a commitment to organizing events, trips, and campus activities to promote activism for social justice awareness on campus.
  5. Have a commitment to promoting campus wide social justice and to become active social justice ambassadors.
  6. Wish to further their leadership abilities and strengthen their understanding of social justice.