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Understanding Your Bill

All housing charges (room, meal plan,  damage charge, lock change) will be posted to PAWS in the following format:

07/28/2021 Fall Housing – Room Only 2021 Fall 4,853.03
07/28/2021 Fall Meal Plan – 19 Meal Per Week 2021 Fall 2,490.00
07/29/2021 Lock Change 2021 Fall 50.00


What is the Room Only charge?

The room only charge is the cost of a residence hall room for one semester.  The room only charge does not include a meal plan.  The College of New Jersey only charges one room rate regardless of room type or location.

What is the meal plan charge?

The meal plan charge is the cost of a meal plan for one semester.  This cost will vary depending on the type of meal plan.  For a full list of meal plans and their associated costs, please visit the room and board rate page.

What is a Lock Change charge?

A lock change charge results from a student losing his or her residence hall room, front door, bathroom, or mailbox key.  Lock change charges may vary based on location, the type of lost key, and the amount of locks that need to be changed, but the average cost of a residence hall room key is $50.00.  Emergency lock changes that require a locksmith to visit the campus after regular business hours may result in a larger cost.  For a complete list of lock change charges, please see A Guide to Residence Living.  To report a missing key, please contact your building’s hall office or a Residential Education staff member.