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Off Campus Housing

Students interested in living off campus may use the links below to find resources about living off campus, websites that advertise local apartments and houses for rent, as well as information on obtaining a meal plan to eat in our on campus dining facilities.


Purely as a convenience to its students who wish to explore Ewing area off-campus housing opportunities, The College of New Jersey maintains this (admittedly incomplete) list of some possible off-campus housing options (“Independent Housing Options” or “IHO”) that have been submitted by the landlords of those Independent Housing Options, and has also included a link to other off-campus resources, including a link to Tenant’s Rights in New Jersey. The College does not endorse any of these IHO and does not have a contract with or or have authority over any of the IHO landlords. The College (i) has not verified the accuracy of the information about the IHO or other resources that appear on or are linked from this website, (ii) has not inspected the IHO, (iii) has not reviewed the terms of forms of lease for the IHO, and (iv) has not vetted or done any due diligence regarding the landlords or IHO or the experience of current or prior tenants with the landlords or IHO. The College disclaims any representation or warranty about any of the Independent Housing Options or associated landlords. Students should thoroughly perform their own due diligence regarding any off-campus housing and landlord and exercise good judgement when deciding to sign a lease.

Signing a lease is a contractual obligation. If you decide to take a leave of absence, study abroad or withdraw from the College, you will likely be held responsible for your portion of the lease. Pay special attention to language in the lease agreements about how the landlord will address subletting, needing to end your lease early and who is responsible for payment of rent (one individual or each individual is billed and paid separately). It’s also important to know what may happen for unexpected situations like a roommate moving out or not paying their rent. Make sure you know what is included in your rent (water, trash removal, electric, heat, etc.), parking (how many spaces and is it free), and who is responsible for lawn care and shoveling. There are some great resources to help students (and parents!) navigate off-campus life, including this and this. Also keep in mind the cost of budgeting food and the convenience you’re looking for as you navigate maintaining a larger space, commuting to campus and your class and co-curricular involvement. How will you budget for food costs? Students often use a mix of commuter meal plans, meal delivery kits, grocery shopping, and supermarket delivery to help them keep costs down and not spend too much time preparing, planning and cleaning up after meals. With proper planning and an attention to detail, students can have a memorable and positive off-campus experience that contributes towards their growth and ability to navigate life after college.

Please note that for your own peace of mind and safety, you should never engage in a residential relationship (either as a roommate, landlord or tenant) with anyone before taking time to get to know them well. The College of New Jersey does not endorse any of the individuals represented on this list. This list serves only to assist students in finding potential accommodations. It is up to participating individuals to make good decisions regarding the selection of a facility for rent.

There are many areas in the life of an off campus student which are unique to you. Hopefully, this guide will give you an adequate amount of information to get you started.

Local homeowners and students who are looking for off campus apartments can refer to the following web sites:



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