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Lottery and Room Selection

Room Selection Updates

Here are some important updates about lottery and room selection, based on some questions we have received!

  1. Time slots cannot be traded/given to another student if someone will not be using one to select a room.
  2. You are allowed to house as many students that can fit in an entire suite (Cromwell/Decker) or Apartment.
  3. For the College Houses and any Townhouse, you can house a total of 6 students.
  4. In the Townhouses, and only the Townhouses, you are allowed to place students of the opposite gender into a room within the townhouse.
  5. After selecting a Townhouse, you are brought to the page of which rooms are available.  The genders of each room will be indicated as (M) or (F) after the room.  For example, if West 1A was female it would show as WST-01A (F).
  6. It is not required for a student to sign the housing contract right after selecting or being placed into a room.  However, there will be a deadline to sign and if students miss this deadline, they will be removed from their assignment.
  7. Carlton 46, Carlton 60, Pennington 1884, and Pennington 1914 are male and the other College Houses are female.
  8. The genders of each room in each Townhouse are available in the menu to the right as well as the other singles for the rising sophomores.

Lottery and Room Selection Timeline


Monday, March 3- Rising sophomore room selection

Tuesday, March 4- Rising senior room selection

Wednesday, March 5- Rising junior room selection

Thursday, March 6- All students who received a time slot need to select a room by 4 PM

* A time slot is a randomly generated date and time on which students are eligible to pick a room.  Since more applications are received than we can accommodate, not every student receives a time slot.  If a student has not received a time slot by the above listed posting dates, that student can place him or herself onto the wait list.

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