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Current Health and Safety Updates

The Department of Residential Education & Housing continues to work to provide healthy communities that allow students to live on campus and actively engage in safe ways with other community members. We do this by working with campus partners to understand, interpret and enact the most current information provided by the CDC, the State of NJ and local health officials.

This page is meant to ensure that residential students are fully informed on the current health and safety updates and protocols in the residence halls.

If you are a residential student and you experience COVID-like symptoms, please start masking inside the residence hall, update the ROAR app with your symptoms and get tested immediately. During business hours, you should reach out to Student Health Services via the OWL system or by calling 771-2889. After business hours, they may get tested at an off campus privately owned urgent care such as the one in Campus Town or any other testing location available. If tested outside of the TCNJ COVID testing site they must upload a copy of the test result to OWL and email to notify them that they have uploaded a COVID test result.

COVID-like symptoms are:

  • Fever or chills
  • New onset of or worsening of a chronic cough
  • New onset of or worsening of chronic shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • New onset sore throat
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • New onset of loss of taste or smell
  • New onset of a headache without a past history of headaches

December 17, 2021 – Due to the increase in our campus COVID rate, Residential Education and Housing is now at a Level 3 status. This means that masks are required when in the presence of someone who does not live in your room/apartment and overnight guests are prohibited. We believe this change is critical to continue to protect students, staff, their families and their communities.  Please also remember that testing is available on campus for those who want to be sure they are not bringing COVID home. See the Fall 2021 Return to Campus page for details.

AUGUST 2021While the community is expected to be masked at all times while indoors, this does NOT apply to the residence halls. Residential students are permitted to be unmasked in the residence halls, providing they are not exhibiting COVID-like symptoms and are not close contacts of someone who has tested positive for COVID. If a residential student tests positive for COVID, they must mask and self-isolate until they move into an isolation room.

JULY 2021Res Ed & Housing announced that lounges would be open to residential students and residential students would be permitted to have other residential students as guests.

JUNE 16, 2021 – Vice President of Student Affairs Sean Stallings announced that only fully vaccinated students could live on campus

APRIL 22 & 23, 2021Ran housing selection for all returning students, allowing a more normal density across our residence halls.

March 12, 2021Due to increases in COVID rates among residential students, residents were required to get COVID tested twice a week.

MARCH 2021Due to reduced COVID rates among residential students, residents were allowed to have one other guest in their room (masked).

JANUARY 2021The residence halls opened with single occupancy rooms. Residents were restricted from having guests and were required to wear masks at all times (except when alone in room with the door closed or when showering/brushing their teeth). Residents were required to be COVID tested weekly.

JANUARY 2021With donations from the TCNJ Alumni Association, created Quarantine & Isolation Packs for students that would need to reside in Q/I Housing for 14+ days.

OCTOBER 29, 2020College announced that Spring 2021 plans which included starting a week later, Spring Break would be replaced with 2 single days off, and all residents would live in single occupancy rooms.

AUGUST 2020 – Due to restrictions required by the New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education, all residence hall lounges were locked and not available to casual resident use. Additionally, students were not permitted to have guests due to OSHE restrictions.

Residential Education Health & Safety Restriction Levels*

Level 0
No restrictions.
Level 1
Guest policy expanded.
No masks required, except when advised by other health protocols..
Level 2             
Guests limited to other residential students.
No masks required, except when a student is symptomatic, has to mask after travel or during other times as communicated by Student Health Services, COVIDComply, the student’s individual health care provider or the College.
Level 3                             
Guests limited to other residential students. Overnight guests prohibited.
Masks required when in the presence of someone who does not live in your room/apartment.
Level 4
Additional guest restrictions.
Masks required when in the presence of someone who does not live in your room/apartment.
Level 5
Guests prohibited.
Masks required when in the presence of someone who does not live in your room/apartment.
Level 6
Additional restrictions as mandated by the College or State officials.


*at any point, protocol may evolve based on guidance, recommendations, restrictions or mandates by The College, local or state health officials, the CDC, the State or other relevant agencies.

Res Ed Health & Safety Restriction Status:

Allen, Brewster, Ely (ABE) Level 3 12/17/21
Centennial Level 3 12/17/21
Cromwell Level 3 12/17/21
Decker Level 3 12/17/21
Eickhoff Level 3 12/17/21
Hausdoerffer Level 3 12/17/21
Norsworthy Level 3 12/17/21
Phelps Level 3 12/17/21
Townhouses East Level 3 12/17/21
Townhouses West Level 3 12/17/21
Townhouses South Level 3 12/17/21
Travers Level 3 12/17/21
Wolfe Level 3 12/17/21