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Residential Facilities


TCNJ’s Residential Facilities

Residential Education and Housing maintains 15 on campus residential facilities and 12 houses along Pennington and Carlton Road, for a total on campus population of around 4,000 students.


First Year Experience

(Travers and Wolfe Halls, Centennial Hall, Allen, Brewster, and Ely Halls)

First year students will live in one of the First Year Experience residence halls: Travers, Wolfe, Allen, Brewster, Ely, and Centennial.  Travers and Wolfe are two ten story high-rise residence halls with traditional double rooms and communal bathrooms.   Allen, Brewster, and Ely are traditional co-ed residence halls with community bathrooms on each floor.  Centennial is a traditional residence hall with females on the first and third floors and males on the second floor.  Centennial features a newly renovated game room, community kitchen, and communal bathrooms.

All first year students live in Living and Learning Communities focused around their First Seminar, or FSP, course.





Sophomore Year Experience

(Decker Hall, Eickhoff Hall, New Residence Hall, Cromwell Hall, *Townhouse West, *Allen/Brewster/Ely Halls)

The Sophomore Year Experience program offers both traditional and suite style buildings.  Decker Hall primarily consists of two double rooms connected by a bathroom, housing a total of 4 students per suite.  Decker offers a few suites that hold 5 total students as well. Cromwell is a suite style residence hall, and consists mainly of three double rooms sharing a bathroom and small foyer, housing a total of 6 students per suite.

Allen/Brewster, and Ely (or ABE for short) are traditional double style residence halls and are connected on the first floor via lounges and a basement.  New Residence Hall and Eickhoff Hall each offer double rooms each with a private bath.

Townhouse West features 10 singles rooms in each townhouses with 2 rooms on the first floor and 4 rooms on the second and third floors.  Each floor has its own bathroom and there is a lounge on the first floor for all the residents to share.

*Parts of Townhouse West will be for all class years in the 2014-2015 academic year and parts of ABE will be for sophomores.  The number of applications received for next year will determine exactly how many spaces there will be for each class year.





Upper Class Experience

(Townhouses West, Townhouses South, Townhouse East, Phelps and Hausdoerffer Halls, College Houses)

The Upper Class Experience offers single rooms in Townhouses East, West, and South, housing between 2 and 4 students per floor.  Each floor includes a bathroom and a small kitchenette.  The College Houses line Pennington and Carlton avenue and offer space for 6 to 7 students in a combination of singles and doubles.  Each house includes a full kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms.  Hausdoerffer and Phelps Halls are apartment style residence halls that provide three singles and one double room, housing a total of 5 students.  Each apartment includes a kitchenette, living room and bathroom.

Townhouse West will include sophomores, juniors, and seniors for the 2014-2015 academic year.

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