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Contracts & Living Conditions

These contracts are designed to open lines of communication between roommates, suitemates, apartmentmates, housemates, and floormates. The contract asks students sharing a common space to discuss expectations and guidelines for living together. Some of the topics are: guests, smoking, telephones, use of other’s property, and cleaning standards. It is very important when living with others to reach an understanding of what is important to you and to determine your limits.

Ideally, you will complete and discuss these contracts within the first few weeks of school. Hall staff are available to assist you with this process. Students may be held accountable for these documented agreements.

Residence and Dining Service Contract

The Annual Residence Hall and Dining Service Contract, signed by every resident student, is a formal contract for room and board services. It is a binding contract which can only be broken under special circumstances with approval by the Department of Residential Education and Housing. One of the conditions of the agreement for on-campus residence is participation in a meal plan.

The Annual Residence Hall and Dining Service Contract for Career and Community Studies, is the formal contract for room and board services for students enrolled in the Career and Communities Studies (CCS) program.

Students are advised to print and keep their copy of the agreement for the duration of the academic year.


Due to current local and campus conditions, the Residence Halls will open at Level 1 status. This allows residents to host guests providing they follow guest policies as documented in the Guide to Residence Living. Additionally, masks are not required except when advised by other health protocols as listed in Residential Student Guide to Isolation or when “local rules apply.”  This status is subject to change in accordance with local rates of positivity.  Overnight guests are allowed but can not stay more than three consecutive nights and should be agreed upon in advance among roommates\suitemates\housemates.

Entering Student Rooms

Article E in the Annual Residence Hall and Dining Service Contract states, “The College reserves the right to inspect student rooms and furnishings in order to maintain health, safety and maintenance standards.” This enables college personnel to implement routine maintenance requests from residents. Under special conditions a member of the residence hall staff may ask a resident to go through his or her own possessions to ascertain compliance with such standards.

Room Re-assignments

As noted in the Annual Residence Hall and Dining Service Contract, when a vacancy exists in a double room, The College has the right to assign the remaining resident a new roommate or reassign the remaining resident to an existing vacancy in a comparable space elsewhere.


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